Panmind - Socialize your files and feed your ideas

Why would you share your data if you can't talk about it?

Today, you can store and share information in the cloud with various tools. But none of them allows you to communicate about it. How do you improve a file without interaction?

Panmind provides a platform where you can STORE, SHARE and FEED your data with social collaborative tools such as comments, suggestions, new versions and much more!

How it works

Upload your files at a faster speed

Any files, anytime, anywhere

With Panmind, you can save anything: links, videos, documents and all sorts of files important for your business.

Safe environment

Panmind saves your files forever, in a fast and friendly environment. Our advanced security characteristics make it safe to share any kind of content

Send heavy files to anyone

With our short-url generator, you can grant access to a file to anyone, even non-members of the platform.

Socialize your files

Create projects

A project is an environment designed for collaboration between a selected number of users. The entire history of the project is visible round-the-clock.

Say goodbye to emails

Share information with a selected group of users, even if they are not members of the platform. The project centralizes your data and group updates in one single online space.

Feed your ideas

At our level of connectivity, sharing is no longer sufficient. Panmind's social collaborative tools let users benefit from collective intelligence.

Why you'll love Panmind

5Gb free storage

Unlimited collaborators

Secure connection

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