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What is Panmind?

Panmind is a web application that facilitates teamwork through the exchange of files and an advanced messaging system.

With Panmind you can:
  • share files
  • send and receive messages
  • keep the history of all your activities
  • grant public access to your files to everyone on the web

topWhat does Panmind offer?

How much space does my account have?

5Gb for the Free account; 50Gb for the Premium account

Is there a maximum file size I can upload?

Yes: 1Gb

Is there a maximum file number per upload session?

Yes. There is a max of 50 files per upload session.

How long does Panmind keep the files?

We keep all files indefinitely unless deleted by the uploader, the owner/admin of the project or if a file violates our terms of service

topHow does it work?

What is a project?
The project is:
  • a secure collaboration environment that allows members to share and organize files and web resources (link, post, video);
  • a private space to discuss about related contents
  • a smart tool to keep the history of your collaborations
How do I share files?

File are shared inside projects. To share one or more files create a Project. Access to the files will be granted to all people you will invite inside the project (the project members - see roles).
Another way to share files is the "Public link".

What is a "Public Link"?

Each file can be shared via a public Link. When you upload a file Panmind creates a link for a public page that you can share (e.g. via social networks, email). The file is then visible for whoever has the link.

What file types are allowed for uploads?

All file types are allowed. You can also write posts, save links, Youtube and Vimeo videos, and webdoc

What is a webdoc?

A Webdoc is a versionable document that allows users to work together, save, view and restore old versions of the webdoc.

How do I invite new members into a project?

Click on the "invite" button above the project title and insert the email addresses of people you want to invite. They will have to accept your request to become members of your project.

Roles and privileges on files inside project
Inside project there are 3 roles:
  • Owner: can edit and delete the project; invite new members; create, edit and delete all files inside the project.
  • Admin: has the same privileges as the owner but cannot delete the project.
  • Member: can create, edit and modify his own contents.


At the moment there are 2 plans (Learn more).
  • Free: 0$
  • Premium: 5$ monthly

top Desktop and mobile?

Is Panmind on desktop or mobile?

Not at the moment. We are working hard on this. Desktop and mobile versions will be available as soon as possible.

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