Terms of Service

  1. Purpose of Service

    1. Mind2Mind offers to the User a data communication platform, also known as Panmind or Platform, for using collaborative digital tools for the creations, search and utilization of projects.
    2. Panmind offers also the data communication's tools for the creation of workgroups between connected Users in order to use the social network dynamics with the objective of creating and developing projects.
  2. Service Provider

    1. The service provider is Mind2mind, a private society whose principal place of business is in Rome, Viale del Vignola 11 (IT-00196).
  3. Access to and Use of the Platform and its Services

    1. User can use the Platform only after having accepted and fulfilled the regulations of Terms and Conditions of use of the Platform's service, which represents a legal binding between User and the service provider. User can also use the Platform in presence of a different written agreement between the User and the service provider.
  4. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use

    1. In order to use the service offered by Mind2mind, User accepts the following regulations of the Service Provider
    2. User can accept the regulations by two means:
      • clicking to accept or agree to the Terms, where this option is made available to you by the Platform at the first access; or
      • Using the Services provided by the Platform. In this case Mind2mind will consider the use of the service as an express acceptance of the Terms and Condition of use
      • User cannot access and use the Platform if it is not of legal age to form a binding contract with Mind2mind and consequently, it is not legally able to accept and fulfill the obligations which has taken charge of, by accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service.
    3. User, after the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, is the sole responsible for the correct recording and filing of the present Contract. Mind2mind suggests the User to print off or save a local copy of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the service.
  5. Language of the Terms

    1. Where Panmind has provided the User with a translation in a different language of the Terms and Condition of Use,User agrees and accepts that the obligations will arise from the regulations of th Italian version of the Terms and conditions of Use, which rules the relations between the User and Mind2mind.
    2. In presence of contradictions of rules deriving from the traslation of the Italian Terms and Conditions of Use in other language, the regulations of the Italian contract will prevail on the translation in other language.
  6. Supply of the Service

    1. During the contractual relationship with the User, Mind2mind reserves the right to offer additional services through the Platform, to innovate and improve the quality of service. For this purpose, User agrees to be aware that the services offered by the Platform may change without Mind2mind assuming any obligation to notify in advance or subsequently the User of such changes.
    2. By accepting the Terms of Service the User declares to accept to receive a periodically newsletter by Panmind. The User can then request to stop receiving the newsletter by specifying it in the dedicated section inside the platform or by clicking the unsubscribe link directly from the newsletter received.
    3. User agrees to recognize and to accept the right of Mind2mind to terminate, on its own discretion, the provision of services through the Platform without any previous information to the User. User may, in any case, stop using the Service without any specific obligation of notifying such information to Mind2mind.
    4. User agrees to recognize and to accept the right of Mind2mind to disable access to the Platform. User declares to be aware that , in this case, it may not access the Services offered by the Platform and the contents or other User information.
    5. User agrees to recognize and to accept the right of Mind2mind to limit the amount of storage space available for each User to upload files or other content, and that this limit may be changed at the sole discretion of Mind2mind.
  7. Using the Platform

    1. To use the services offered by the Platform, the User assumes the obligation to provide some personal data such as User identification data and contact details during the registration process. User agrees to provide such data to Mind2mind ensuring that they are always accurate, correct and updated.
    2. User agrees to access the Platform and use the Services only for purposes granted by
      • this contract
      • by the laws of the jurisdiction from which the User accesses the Platform
    3. User may not access to the services offered by the Platform in ways different from those offered by Panmind, unless this right has been otherwise granted by Mind2mind in writing between the User and Mind2mind
    4. The User agrees not to put in place any action designed to interfere or interrupt the supply of services through the Platform.
    5. User may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, or sublicense the services offered by the Platform, unless otherwise agreed and authorized in writing, between the parties.
    6. User will be responsible for non-compliance of the obligations deriving from this contract and it will be solely responsible for the consequences of non-compliance with the obligations assumed by the acceptance of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use.
  8. Password and account security

    1. User is responsible for the proper use and storage of passwords, so that no one , except the User, can know or be put in a position to know the password and the username associated to use of the services offered by the Platform.
    2. User will be considered the sole responsible for all activities carried out by those who use the username and password associated to the User's account.
    3. If User has any reports of unauthorized use of the User Account, it is required to provide immediate notice about such unauthorized use at the email address
  9. Privacy and personal data

    1. User declares that it has been advised about the obligations of Mind2mind relating the protection of personal data, by having read them at
    2. User agrees to accept and to give an informed consent to the processing activity of its data by Mind2mind according to current Italian regulations on protection and treatment of personal data.
  10. Contents on Platform

    1. User declares to have been informed and made aware by Mind2mind that all Content accessed through the Services offered by the Platform are owned by the person or entity who created the content, who has full responsibility.
    2. User acknowledges that all Content contained by the Platform are protected by existing Laws on Intellectual Property and exploitation rights belong to the author of such Content. User, therefore, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, may not modify, rent, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on Content.
    3. Mind2mind reserves the right, without obligation, to monitor, report, modify, refuse or remove any Content from Platform.
    4. User agrees to be aware that accessing to the Platform, it could access to content that may be understood as offensive.
    5. User declares that it is aware that it will be help responsible by Mind2mind for any Content created, transmitted or displayed through the use of the services offered by the Platform.
  11. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. Mind2mind, or third party licensees, are holders of all Intellectual Property rights on the Platform and and on its Services.
    2. Mind2mind reserves the exclusive right to use all the brands and trademarks which are connected to the Platform or to the Services offered, unless that right has been licensed by Mind2mind to the User through separate written agreement.
    3. User, as the owner of Intellectual Property rights on content loaded onto the Platform, is solely responsible for the protection and exercise of those rights. Mind2mind, therefore, assumes no obligation to protect such content or take any activity on behalf of the User.
  12. License by Mind2mind

    1. In order to use the Services of the Platform, Mind2mind grants to the User a nonexclusive, free, personal, non-transferable license to use software features of the Platform.
    2. User may not copy, modify and/or create derivative works of the Software licensed by Mind2mind or decompile or implement other measures aimed to extract the source code of the Software licensed, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
  13. License to use Content

    1. User agrees to acknowledge and accept the policy and regulatory provisions adopted by the Content Policy, which are integral and essential part of this contract
    2. User retains all Intellectual Property rights on the Content uploaded and displayed on the Platform
    3. In order to allow Mind2mind to provide to User with the services of platform, User grants to Mind2mind a non-exclusive and free license for reproduction, adaptation, conversion and display Content supplied by you in electronic format owned by Panmind.
    4. As specified in the Content Policy, User can choose to expand the rights on the Content licensed to third parties or other Users. Through the choice of a different license made by using the Services, the User guarantees to third parties, other Users or Mind2mind itself the use of the rights granted by the license chosen.
    5. User warrants Mind2mind of being the owner of all rights necessary to ensure the license under Art. 13.c
  14. Termination of the contract

    1. This contract will take effect until terminated by either party in accordance with the following articles:
    2. The User may terminate the contract with Panmind:
      1. by informing Mind2mind of the desire to terminate the contract at any time by sending such information at the company which supplies the service, as better described in Art. 2 of this Terms and Conditions of Use, or
      2. by closing the account, if Panmind offers this option through the services of the Platform. Where Panmind not offer this option, users are required to comply with the obligation referred above.
    3. Mind2mind may terminate the contract with the user in the following cases:
      1. User does not comply with obligations taken under this contract or demonstrates an inability or failure to comply with the rules of this contract, or
      2. Mind2mind is bound by a statutory provision to terminate the contract or
      3. any of service providers of the Platform cease their activities and make impossible to provide services to User or to Panmind itself, or
      4. Mind2mind ceases to provide services through the platform in the country where User accesses the Services, or
      5. the provision of services by the Platform for the User ceases to be marketable.
    4. In any case, the termination of the contract will not affect the rights acquired by third parties, by Mind2mind or other Users, accordingly to the copyright license that User has chosen to spread the content uploaded on the Platform.
  15. Limitation of warranties and liability

    1. Mind2mind assumes no responsibility regarding the use and interpretation of information contained on the platform Panmind.
    2. Mind2mind provides access to the platform on "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" state.
    3. The use of the site is at risk of the User without any express or implied warranty by Mind2mind.
    4. The Platform and the contents have been prepared with great care and attention. Although, the Content may contain errors or inaccuracies. In particular, Mind2mind assumes no liability and shall not ensure that:
      1. The Platform and its services meet the needs of the visitor or User
      2. services and website's functions are always accessible, always available, secure and/or error-free;
      3. the results of any search conducted on the Platform and through the services are accurate and reliable;
      4. website defects will be corrected;
      5. that the website or server that makes services available are free of viruses or other harmful components;
    5. Please note that any download of any material through the use of the Platform is made at the discretion and risk of User or Visitor who will be considered solely responsible for damage to computers or data loss as a result the download of such data.
  16. Guarantee and Indemnity by User

    1. User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Mind2mind, its affiliates, licensors, partners, suppliers and providers of information, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, from all claims, losses or expenses, including legal fees and expenses deriving from, but not limited to: violation of rights of publicity, violation of privacy, copyright infringement, or trademark infringement, as well as for violation of these terms and conditions.
  17. Changes to the terms and conditions

    1. Mind2mind reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. When these are made, Mind2mind will make available on the Platform such changes and will notify you that these Terms and Conditions have been changed.
    2. User agrees that the use of services after the date on which the Terms and conditions of use have changed, will be regarded as implied acceptance of new Terms and Conditions.
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